Algae Biodiesel Maker Announces Opening of Plant

John Davis

stellarwindGreen pond scum will become green fuel at a new pilot production plant in Indiana.

Stellarwind Bio Energy, LLC, a producer of fuel oil from algae, announced the opening of its new small scale pilot production facility and corporate headquarters in Indianapolis. The plant has a 1/10th acre greenhouse, along with offices and an advanced research and development

Leveraging two years of research, design and development, the new headquarters located at 8440 W. 82nd Street, Indianapolis, IN, will allow Stellarwind Bio Energy to build a scaled pilot production facility deploying its PhycoGenic ReactorTM and PhycoProcessorTM. During this phase intensive effort will continue as the company refines its systems and manufacturing processes.

Our Vision Statement – “To reshape the competitive energy landscape by providing a new domestic source of eco-friendly renewable energy.”

“Our vision statement says it all. Renewable, eco-friendly fuel sources are no longer an option; they are now a necessity. For years, science has known that algae are a far better producer of fuel oils than other biological sources. The problem has been to cost-effectively build a bioreactor that can inexpensively grow, harvest and process commercially viable quantities of fuel oil from algae. We are committed to deploying such a system,” states [Will Kassebaum, President and CEO of Stellarwind Bio Energy].

Company officials says their PhycoGenic ReactorTM will allow them to grow algae very cheaply… key to making the venture sustainable. They also claim that algae, which produces 10,000 gallons of fuel per acre each year, is a better biofuel feedstock than corn (150-330 gallons of ethanol per acre per year) or soybeans (70-100 gallons of biodiesel per acre per year). Plus, they say the oil from algae is easier to refine into gasoline, kerosene or aviation fuel.

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