$1.3 Million Grant Helps Build Connecticut Biodiesel Plant

John Davis

greenleafbiofuelsA $1.3 million State of Connecticut grant will help a private company build a biodiesel refinery.

This press release from Greenleaf Biofuels, LLC, says the company inked the deal to build a waste-grease feedstock biodiesel plant in New Haven harbor:

The grant to Greenleaf is the largest of several announced by Connecticut late last year and is part of the State’s production facility program to directly support biodiesel production. Greenleaf’s grant is underwritten by Connecticut’s Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) and administered through the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT).

“Projects such as this biodiesel facility and companies like Greenleaf are critical components to the state’s economic future,” said Joan McDonald, commissioner of DECD and chair of Connecticut Innovations. “Connecticut must continue to innovate and focus on developing new, cutting-edge jobs. We need to develop alternative sources of energy, breaking free from our dependence on foreign oil and using our natural resources more responsibly. These are key elements of a new economic development agenda that will lead the state in the next generation.”

Discussing the Greenleaf New Haven facility, Gus Kellogg, founder and CEO of Greenleaf, said: “The technology for building advanced biodiesel processing facilities is ready now to meet customer needs at prices competitive even at today’s suddenly lower fuel prices. In the future, we believe our products will become even more attractive to energy customers. That’s because, since the 1970’s when current energy supply and related environmental issues first emerged, fossil fuel prices have mostly trended upward.”

Officials say when the plant is up and running next year, it will be able to make 6.7 million gallons of biodiesel a year from used cooking oil and grease. They add the plant will use little water and generate little waste, among other earth-friendly practices the refinery will employ.