West Coast Highway Could Become Alt Fuel Corridor

John Davis

i-5Soon, you might be able to drive from Canada to Mexico along the Pacific Coast… without ever burning a single drop of gasoline.

This story on the gas2.0 Web site says governors in California, Orgeon and Washington have been talking about putting in the infrastructure on Interstate 5 so drivers could get biodiesel, ethanol, hydrogen and compressed natural gas, as well as recharging electric cars:

As it stands today, only the exceptionally motivated are able to find alt. fuels on the road, although some stations do exist, and there are services that will send local station information to your cell-phone. But if this plan moves forward—which it could in Washington State as early as next summer—it would be the first time drivers have easy access to all these options.

The new fueling stations would also be the first businesses on the West Coast allowed at rest stops, and wouldn’t be charged rent until they turn a profit.

There’s even plans to put in battery-swapping stations, set up at rest areas every 40 miles. It could finally make it possible to drive the entire stretch using an electric car.