Iowa Eyes Biodiesel Mandate

John Davis

A measure that promises to promote biodiesel gowth in Iowa, create green collar jobs and reduce dependence on foreign oil has passed a key committee in the Iowa legislature.

beallThis article from the Des Moines (IA) Register says Sen. Daryl Beall’s (D-Fort Dodge) biodiesel mandate bill cleared the Senate Transportation Committee. And if it passes the full legislature and is signed by the governor, it would kick in as early as this summer:

Under the new proposal, the required blend of biodiesel would ramp up from 5 percent this summer to 20 percent by 2015. Among those opposed to the bill are truckers and convenience stores…

Gas stations wouldn’t need special pumps for biodiesel, but they may need an extra tank, lobbyists said.

Although the state currently subsidizes retailers to pump biodiesel, the bill calls for those tax credits to end.

The credits, which amount to around $5 million a year, are set expire anyway in 2011, Beall said. After three years, the state would save about $15 million per year.

During cold weather months… between November 1st and March 31st… only a 5 percent blend would be required. If the measure passes, Iowa would join Minnesota as states with a biodiesel mandate.

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