Report: Alt Fuels Could Clean Up Ports

John Davis

containertruckAlternative fuels, such as biodiesel and natural gas, and hybrid electric vehicles could be the keys to cleaning up the world’s ports, polluted by the running of petroleum diesel enginesto onload and offload the goods coming and going through these points of commerce.

This story from quotes a study, “Container Ports and Air Pollution,” published by Energy Futures, Inc.:

Reliance on diesel fuel for goods movement has contributed to a reputation for container ports being among the world’s biggest sources of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Now, progress is being made toward reducing harmful emissions. The study found that natural gas is currently the leading alternative fuel for goods movement at U.S. container ports, while hybrid electric vehicles are gaining popularity in Asia.

James S. Cannon, President, Energy Futures. Inc., said, “A key premise of our studies of air pollution in the container shipping industry is that alternative fuels offer viable options for use in goods movement operations to replace polluting fuels that are derived from oil.” Mr. Cannon unveiled the new report to an international audience in a speech today at the GreenPorts 2009 Conference in Naples, Italy.

The new Energy Futures study updates and expands on a report titled “U.S. Container Ports and Air Pollution: A Perfect Storm,” which was published in February, 2008. That study identified environmental protection alternative fuel programs at each of the Top 10 U.S. container ports, including their use of natural gas, biodiesel or hybrid electric vehicles.

The 77-page report is a call for leaders to push for more alternative fuel use to help, not only those port communities, but the world community as a whole.

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