Biodiesel Board Responds to EU Tariffs

John Davis

As I told you yesterday, the European Union has decided to slap some tariffs on American biodiesel coming into the continent because of what the Europeans see as unfair subsidies the US gives to American biodiesel producers.

In response, the National Biodiesel Board’s Vice President of Federal Affairs, Manning Feraci, issued this statement yesterday:

feraci“Today’s meeting is just one step in the ongoing legal process that will ultimately conclude later this year. As we have since these investigations were initiated in June of last year, the NBB will continue to use all legal options at its disposal to defend the interests of the U.S. biodiesel industry.

“Ultimately, before the case is finally resolved, the EC must determine whether U.S. competition is harming the European biodiesel industry before duties of any kind can be imposed. The facts in this case remain the same. The European industry is not being harmed by U.S. competition. In fact, the EC has before it data demonstrating that key European biodiesel companies are doing quite well. And for those companies that are faring poorly, it is factors not related to U.S competition – bad business models; high feedstock costs; and detrimental changes in EU member state policy – that are the cause. As the case proceeds, the NBB will continue to highlight this fundamental shortcoming in the European Biodiesel Board’s complaint.”