K-State Students Take Flex-Fuel Challenge

Cindy Zimmerman

RFA Flex Fuel ChallengeManhattan, KS looked more like Manhattan, NY yesterday as cars were lined up to get E85 for just 85 cents a gallon and E10 for only a dollar, plus a free lunch at the Manhattan Farmers Cooperative Association.

Hundreds of hot dogs and thousands of gallons of ethanol-blended fuel were given away to Kansas State college students at the “Wildcat Free-For-All,” sponsored by the Renewable Fuels Association and the Kansas Corn Commission to launch the Flex-Fuel Challenge, an online national contest to promote E85.

RFA Flex Fuel Challenge“We were very happy with the event. Many students learned of the opportunity via Facebook and email, and this is exactly what this contest is about, educating students where they spend there time – online,” reported Robert White, Director of Market Development for the RFA.

The challenge encourages them to produce a short video, take a photo, or even write a song about creative ideas on renewable energy that will impact future generations. The overall winner will receive a MacBook Air laptop and each week there will be drawings for portable Passport™ hard drives.

Find out more at e85challenge.com.

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