Algae to Biodiesel Webinar Offered

John Davis

Knowledge is power, and the folks at Garbrook Knowledge Resources are offering a powerful resource in an upcoming Webinar on how to turn algae into biodiesel.
The Advanced Biofuels Resource… what Garbrook bills as the industry’s most comprehensive information source on biofuels… will be offering the “Algae for Biofuels: Current Potential for Commercial Development” Webinar this coming Wednesday, March 11th from 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM EST to tackle some of the challenges surrounding algae as a biodiesel feedstock:

Topics Covered:

* Industry update including major players and partnerships
* Outline of commercialization efforts and approaches
* Progress in commercial algae cultivation, harvesting, and process technologies
* Opportunities for biofuels and co-products derived from algae
* Ongoing algae research and development
* Scientific and technical hurdles that must be overcome for algae biofuel production

It’s not free, but the $149 you’ll pay could return some big dividends in this growing field of a growing green fuel. Check it out by clicking here.