Honda to Build Cellulosic Ethanol Research Facility

hondalogoHonda has announced that they plan to build a new R&D facility in Japan that will focus on producing biofuels from non-food feedstocks. The 1,050 m2 lab is expected to be completed and operating by November of this year. Honda has been working with the Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth since 2006 and began operating an experimental production facility in 2007.

The new Kazusa-branch facility of Honda R&D Co., Ltd. Fundamental Technology Research Center, will be built within the Kazusa Akademia Park (in Kisarazu, Chiba). Honda plans to build a single 1,050m2 building (approximate gross floor space) as a testing facility on the 5,000m2 lot. The construction is scheduled to begin in April 2009, with the goal to begin operations in November 2009.

At this time, Nissan is the only foreign automobile manufacturer that offers a flexible fuel vehicle (FFV). There are over seven million FFVs currently on American roads.

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