Texas Plant Ramps Up Waterless Biodiesel Process

John Davis

gafgreenline1El Paso, Texas-based biodiesel producer Global Alternative Fuels, LLC will triple its output using a production method provided by Greenline Industries, the world’s largest producer of small-to-medium scale biodiesel production equipment.

This Greenline press release says its waterless method is a natural for the dry conditions of West Texas:

“El Paso is in a desert area, so we chose Greenline’s waterless biodiesel platform for our initial 5 million gallon plant,” said Carlos Guzman, Co-founder, President & COO of Global Alternative Fuels, LLC. “Once we discovered that 5 million gallons would not be enough to meet demand in our area, we asked Greenline to add another 10 million gallons of capacity. Our experience with Greenline has been excellent with top-notch customer support, so expanding with Greenline makes sense.”

Global Alternative Fuels was founded by Guzman and Larry Walter. Both veterans of foreign wars, Guzman and Walter were philosophical about what they wanted to do next to contribute to America’s strength and security. Energy and environmental concerns motivated them to produce American grown, sustainable biodiesel, doing their part towards energy security while creating a profitable business.

Global Alternative Fuels started producing biodiesel on January 3rd of this year and already has a need to increase capacity. “We have a buyer for every drop of fuel we make,” said Guzman. So, Greenline has begun work on increasing plant capacity to 15 million gallons and adding a feedstock blending unit. “The Greenline feedstock blending unit allows us to utilize multiple sustainable feedstocks including locally sourced animal tallow and Iowa soybean oil,” said Guzman.

Global Alternative Fuels officials believe they could expand again in the near future.