TDOT to Give Money for E85 and B20 Infrastructure

tdotIn 2006, Tennesse Governor Phil Bredesen allocated $1.5 million to the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) to develop a Biofuel Green Island Corridor network along Tennessee’s interstate system and major highways. TDOT has recently opened a solicitation for grant funding to assist in converting or installing fuel storage tanks and equipment to dispense B20 and E85 to the public.

The goal of the Green Island program is to help establish readily available “green island” refueling stations for B20 biodiesel and E85 ethanol no more than 100 miles apart along these corridors. This competitive grant program seeks to identify partner retail stations in areas where reasonably accessible and convenient retail biofuel stations are not in place. A minimum of 20 percent in nonfederal matching funds is required.

A statewide network of biofuel stations will encourage and expand the use of biofuels in Tennessee, which in turn will stimulate rural economic development, increase farm income, reduce vehicle emissions, help protect public health, and reduce dependence on petroleum.

Potential E85 and B20 retailers can view the solicitation by clicking here. Sumission is due by April 17, 2009.

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