DomesticFuel Cast Returns!

John Davis

df-logoThe podcast DomesticFuel Cast makes its return, along with the spiffy new logo you see here!

This show is one of great importance as we get to hear some of the Sandia National Laboratory’s press conference on the feasibility of producing 90 billion gallons of ethanol from sustainable biomass annually by the year 2030. That’s equal to one-third of the U.S.’s gasoline usage. The experts explain how the feedstock, water and transportation system will be or already are there to support this level of production.

Amazingly, a group of environmentalists from the Environmental Working Group quickly attacked the findings, dismissing facts with the mistaken rhetoric we’ve heard before. One of the group even went as far as saying it would be better to burn petroleum-based gasoline than clean-burning, renewable ethanol.

You’ve got to hear it for yourself, and you can do that here: [audio:]

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