US and Canada Agree on Clean Energy

Cindy Zimmerman

President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced today that the United States and Canada will collaborate on developing clean energy technology to combat climate change. It was the only concrete agreement to come out of the first meeting between the two leaders this week.

Prior to the meeting, Canadian Renewable Fuels Association President Gordon Quaiattini and U.S. Renewable Fuels Association President Bob Dinneen issued a joint statement this week on the importance of the two neighboring countries to work together on energy security and the environment.

“As America and Canada look for ways to provide economic opportunity, reduce the impacts of climate change, and develop renewable energy sources, the role of biofuels in the energy plans of both nations is becoming increasingly important,” said Dinneen and Quaiattini. “We commend both Prime Minister Harper and President Obama on their commitment to a renewable energy future. And as representatives of our nation’s renewable fuels industry, we can proudly say that our industry is helping to lead the way.”

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