Biofuels Council Founder Appointed to Advisory Board

Cindy Zimmerman

The Latin American biofuels development firm of Santiago & Sinclair has appointed Sean O’Hanlon, founder and executive director of the American Biofuels Council (ABC), to their advisory board. The firm is comprised of experts who assist organizations looking to enter the biofuels sector in Latin America.

O'Hanlon“As the founder of one of the most influential biofuels associations in America, Sean O’Hanlon will bring an invaluable level of expertise to our clients through his position on our advisory board,” said Carlos St. James, Managing Director. “His knowledge base about biofuels is as broad as it is deep and he has spent a good portion of his career developing coalitions. These skills will be essential to the success of Latin America’s biofuels industry. It’s a strategic competitive advantage to have him on board.”

With the enormous agricultural opportunities in Latin America, the region will play an important part in developing energy sources that will ultimately impact the world. Cross country collaboration will be critical in helping the world reduce its reliance on petroleum in part through the development of clean, renewable, forms of energy, especially biofuels.

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