Sirona Fuels Joins Biodiesel Business

John Davis

sironaSan Francisco-based Sirona Fuels has joined the biodiesel business. During an announcement, fittingly enough, at the National Biodiesel Conference & Expo last week in the Golden Gate city, company officials said they bought Blue Sky Biofuels, giving them a 15 million gallon a year refinery using recycled cooking oil:

Sirona has implemented plans for the rapid expansion of its used cooking oil collection business, and by the end of 2009 expects to produce the majority of its biodiesel from jatropha, an oil-yielding plant that grows on non-arable land and is not part of the food chain. The company has identified commercial sources for jatropha in several countries and is developing businesses that will promote the establishment of jatropha farms in Haiti, India and other developing countries.

By working with sustainable and affordable feedstocks like used cooking oil and jatropha, Sirona’s business model is designed to stabilize fuel prices for its customers, provide sustainable revenue to its suppliers and make significant volumes of high-quality biodiesel available to the market. Paul Lacrouciere, CEO of Sirona Fuels, has a 20 year history in the energy industry. Over the last ten years as an attorney he has structured and negotiated transactions with the some of the largest energy companies in the world.

“There is no better way for a company to go green or get ahead of rising oil prices and upcoming low-carbon fuel standards than with a fixed-price, high-quality biodiesel like Sirona offers,” said Lacourciere. “Sirona’s biodiesel exceeds ASTM standards and has among the highest quality of any biofuel in America. We plan to grow the company exponentially by acquiring more refineries and aggressively expanding our local and international feedstock supplies.

Sirona also is doing some pretty impressive philanthropic things as well, including helping underdeveloped countries develop their potential and establishing a relief fund for more than 1,100 orphans in Haiti. Check ’em out!