Wisconsin Corn Growers Present Award to Lung Association

ala-wiAccording to an article in the Dunn County News, the American Lung Association (ALA) in Wisconsin recently received the “Friends of Wisconsin Corn Growers” award during the Wisconsin Corn Growers Association (WCGA) annual meeting in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

“Representatives of the American Lung Association in Wisconsin have worked tirelessly to promote E85 fuel as a ‘Clean Air Choice’ fuel for many years at dozens of gas station promotions, trade shows, fairs and other gatherings,” says Randy Woodruff, president, Wisconsin Corn Growers Association. “We are fortunate to have this committed group of professionals working diligently to communicate the benefits of ethanol fuel to all the residents of our state and we look forward to partnering with them on some new programs.”

The ALA of Wisconsin promotes E85 through a variety of outlets such as listing E85 stations throughout the state on highway signage. “The blue highway signs are a great tool to remind motorists who have flex fuel vehicles that they have a cleaner alternative to gasoline,” says Jackie Blackburn, Clean Fuels coordinator for the American Lung Association of Wisconsin. “And often, E85 is priced significantly less than regular unleaded fuel.”

Wisconsin now boasts more than 120 E85 fueling outlets.

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