No Deliveries From Oil Supplier in Ethanol Partnership

Cindy Zimmerman

An oil distributor that is part of a recently-announced joint venture with POET and ICM to deliver new generation fuels caused some panic this week when it failed to deliver old generation fuel to gas stations across the Midwest.

Crescent OilOfficials with Crescent Oil Company, a fuel supplier for seven Midwest states, had no comment Friday about claims that this week’s fuel deliveries never arrived. Several retail operators in Kansas and Missouri say that regular deliveries from Crescent did not arrive as scheduled on Wednesday, prompting rumors of fuel shortages, driving up gas prices and ultimately forcing them to find other suppliers. Crescent Oil is a wholesale supplier for several major oil companies and distributes fuel to more than 340 locations in Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois and Louisiana.

NewGen FuelJust last week, Crescent took part in the grand opening of a NewGen “Renewable Fuel” retail station in Topeka, Kansas, together with partners POET and ICM.

According to a press release on the opening, “NewGen Fuel™ will provide owners of flex fuel vehicles (FFVs) the freedom to choose domestically produced midrange ethanol blends, through Crescent Oil Company’s efficient fuel distributorship and POET’s robust supply of ethanol.”

“We’re extremely excited to celebrate the grand opening of the first “Renewable Fuel” retail station in our state capital,” said NewGen Fuel president Alan Goodnight. “And we’re equally grateful for the extraordinary collaboration to form a joint venture with industry leaders, Crescent Oil Company and POET.”

Local news reports indicate that Crescent Oil is experiencing financial difficulties but had not filed bankruptcy.

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