Greenline Announces Biodiesel Cold Flow Solution

John Davis

GL_Logos_PMS368_01A leader in small-to-medium scale biodiesel production equipment has announced the development and release of technology that eliminates cold-flow issues to help biodiesel pass the new mandatory ASTM cold soak test and always performs in cold weather.

Greenline Industries’ “Greenline Tea FASTRACK” was debuted at the recent National Biodiesel Conference and Expo and, according to a company press release, combines a proprietary blend of materials with new equipment and process:

“We are excited to be able to provide all biodiesel producers, regardless of equipment brand, a much needed cold-flow solution that is ready now, when the industry needs it,” said Donn Tice, CEO of Greenline Industries. “The Greenline Tea FASTRACK system is simple, modular, ‘plug-and-play’ and extremely cost-effective, with a terrific return on investment. It will enable the world-wide biodiesel industry to once and for all solve one of the major production problems, which has been an obstacle to consistently perfect year-round biodiesel performance and broad-scale adoption.”

The Greenline Tea FASTRACK process ensures that biodiesel produced from a vast array of feedstocks will pass the ASTM cold-soak test. B100 (100 percent biodiesel) passed through the Greenline Tea process will remove sterol glucosides, monoglycerides, sulfur and phosphorus with minimal impact on product yield.

“We want to remove any technical barriers to biodiesel adoption; our vision is to make biodiesel accessible anywhere in the world. All of our technologies and processes have been developed to that end,” said Jacques Sinoncelli, Co-Founder of Greenline Industries. “With Greenline Tea FASTRACK, we help eliminate concerns that biodiesel content greater than 20 percent could create cold-flow problems.”

Company officials say this will give biodiesel producers the ability to crank out biodiesel year-round… especially important for those in northern areas… without cranking up their production costs.