Enterprise Expands Hybrid Fleet

John Davis

enterpriseEnterprise Rent-A-Car, already home to the world’s largest fleet of fuel-efficient vehicles, is doubling the number of gas/electric hybrids in its inventory by adding 5,000 of the green vehicles.

This company press release says Enterprise is also designating nearly 80 rental locations across the country as “hybrid branches” that will have a high concentration of the new hybrids available for customers to rent online or over the phone:

The new hybrids will be available at nearly 80 locations in 24 major markets across the country, including the 10 busiest airports for business travelers in the United States. Markets include California (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento and Fresno); Colorado (Denver); Florida (Orlando, Tampa); New York (Albany, Ithaca, New York City, Rochester); Oregon (Eugene, Portland); Texas (Austin, Dallas, Houston); Atlanta; Boston; Detroit; Minneapolis; Philadelphia; St. Louis; Seattle; and Washington, D.C.

“Whether they’re traveling for business or pleasure, our customers continue to seek out environmentally friendly vehicle options,” said Jeff Morrell, Vice President of Business Development for Enterprise Rent-A-Car. “Doubling our fleet of hybrid vehicles nationally is in direct response to that demand and furthers our commitment to help grow the market for new engine technologies and alternative fuels.”

Enterprise also has designated eight of its branches as “E85/FlexFuel” branches where as much as 30 percent of the local fleets
are FlexFuel vehicles capable of using E85. The company also fills those vehicles at nearby E85 stations.

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