Kansas Makes Blender Pump Guidelines Permanent

ks-dept-agKansas Secretary of Agriculture Adrian Polansky announced today that he is making permanent the guidelines his department developed for a pilot project to allow at-the-pump blending of biofuels, including blending ethanol with gasoline in percentages ranging from 10 percent to 85 percent.

Blending under the guidelines was allowed on a trial basis under a pilot project that ran throughout 2008.

“Information we collected during the pilot project confirm that blending pumps can consistently and accurately dispense a range of ethanol blends from a single pump,” Polansky said. “This is a real boon for owners of flexible fuel vehicles who want more choice than either 10 percent or 85 percent ethanol that are the blends most frequently offered. These blender pumps allow vehicle owners to select the blend that works best for them based on performance and price.”

To prevent consumers who aren’t driving a flexible fuel vehicle from dispensing a higher ethanol blend than is appropriate for their vehicle, the pumps feature a bright orange label with the message, “For use in flexible fuel vehicles only.”

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