Show Features California’s Alt Energy Efforts

John Davis

bigenergygambleThere was a fascinating show on PBS tonight that featured the various efforts in California to change how the state will meet some substantial challenges in its growing energy consumption, while reducing the amount of greenhouse gases pumped into the environment.

The episode of Nova, entitled “The Big Energy Gamble” talked about Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s aggressive plan to have one-third of the state’s energy consumption to come from renewable sources by 2020. Right now, the amount is closer to about 8 percent.

Experts point out how these goals are achievable, especially since California is plentiful in sunshine and wind, helping the solar and wind energy industries in the state. And with improvements in technology every day, those technologies are getting better and more efficient every day.

Usually, I don’t want to steer you away from spending your time with Domestic Fuel (you don’t REALLY need anyone else for your renewable energy updates, do you?). But I thought this show was pretty good (pretty much the usual for Nova) and worth a watch.

Since PBS puts many of its shows on the Web, you can click here and see the episode for yourself. Check it out!

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