More Biodiesel Producers Meet Quality Standard

John Davis

Two more biodiesel producers have been added to the roster of those companies meeting an important quality assurance standard.
This press release from the National Biodiesel Board
congratulates Nova Biofuels’ 60-million-gallon capacity operation in Seneca, Illinois and the 30-million-gallon Prairie Pride, Inc. soybean-crushing and biodiesel refinery in Nevada, Missouri for meeting the NBB’s quality assurance program, BQ-9000:

“BQ-9000 certification confirms the commitment to the quality standards we began with at the onset of production last spring,” said Dave Adams, Nova Biofuels-Seneca Quality Manager. “Participating in BQ-9000 provides additional assurance to our customer base that we produce high quality biodiesel and the product they buy from us is produced through a certified process. We recognize that the consistent production of quality biodiesel is critical to our success and to our customers.”

BQ-9000 is a voluntary fuel quality assurance program, overseen by the National Biodiesel Accreditation Commission (NBAC) and adopted by the National Biodiesel Board and the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association. BQ-9000 couples the foundations of universally accepted quality management systems with the product specification ASTM D 6751, and has become the premier quality designation in the industry. The program covers storage, sampling, testing, blending, shipping, distribution and fuel management practices. Any biodiesel producer or marketer is eligible to become either a BQ-9000 Producer or BQ-9000 Marketer.

Thirty-two biodiesel production facilities have been certified under the BQ-9000 program as producers with another 14 certified as marketers.