Tyson/Syntroleum Biodiesel Plant Under Construction

John Davis

syntyson2The nation’s largest meat processor and a renewable fuel company have started construction on a biodiesel plant in Louisiana that will be the nation’s first renewable synthetic fuels plant.

This press release from Tyson Foods and Syntroleum Corp. says the Dynamic Fuels plant in Geismar, Louisiana will produce 75 million gallons of biodiesel a year when it goes to full capacity:

Construction offices are now in place and concrete foundations are being poured for the new facility. The project remains on budget and on schedule for startup in early 2010. Once in operation, the new facility will use Syntroleum’s Bio-Synfining™ Technology to convert animal fats and greases provided by Tyson into ultra-clean renewable diesel and jet fuel.

“There has been great progress in the last 18 months since the formation of Dynamic Fuels, as we have gone from concept to actually pouring concrete for the first renewable synthetic fuels plant in the United States,” said Jeff Bigger, senior vice president of business development for Syntroleum. “With the support of the State of Louisiana, outstanding effort and teamwork from the people working day to day on the project and the support of both Tyson Foods and Syntroleum we have been able to maintain our original project budget, economics and schedule for the Geismar facility.”

Jeff Webster, group vice president of Tyson’s Renewable Products Division, said, “We’re pleased with the progress made on this important renewable fuels project. Tyson is committed to revolutionizing the conversion of raw materials and by-products into high-margin initiatives, and the Dynamic Fuels venture is a cornerstone of this corporate strategy.”

The $138 million facility is expected to be finished by the end of this year with full operations by mid-2010.