E85 Fueled Car Beats Record

ok-mustangAccording to NEWSOK, Brent Hajek, an Oklahoma farmer and race car museum owner, topped 252.78 miles per hour at a race while using E85. His 1969 Mach 1 Mustang beat the previous record of 246 miles per hour.

“Basically most of those cars in that class are the nitro cars,” Hajek said. “When we heard that we thought it was going to be the equivalent of taking a pea shooter to a bazooka contest. But we got to playing around with this car and thought ‘this thing is really making some real horsepower [with E85]’”

He sees signs at gas stations that boast “no alcohol in our gas,” and he knows that a lot of people believe it doesn’t perform as well as pure gasoline. But Hajek offers a challenge.

“You say it cuts your performance?” he asks. “Why don’t you go out there and see if you can go faster than we did.”


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