Iowa Gets First Biodiesel Blender Pump

John Davis

The folks who visit Ron’s Five Point Mart in Dubuque, Iowa will have a choice in the variety of biodiesel they put into their tanks… not just a choice of using biodiesel. The gas station has installed Iowa’s first biodiesel blender pump, which this article from the Dubuque (IA) Telegraph Herald says gives drivers a choice in what percentage of biodiesel they use in their tanks:

At a typical diesel pump, one option exists — regular diesel. Some pumps offer a biodiesel blend, as well.

But at a blender pump, diesel vehicle drivers are looking at a multiproduct dispenser that pours either B2, B5, B10 or B20.

irfa2“What this pump does is offer availability to a variety of fuels,” [Iowa Renewable Fuels Association managing director Lucy] Norton said.

The pump looks different from regular gas pumps. More buttons dot the machine, and the buttons should appear in different colors to alert customers that they are purchasing a different fuel mix.

The biodiesel blender pump was made possible, in part, thanks to a grant from the IRFA. Association officials believe this will encourage more use of biofuels.