Iowa RFA to be Lead by Biodiesel Producer

John Davis

irfaFor the first time in its history, the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association is being led by a biodiesel producer. And, another biodiesel producer is the group’s vice president.

This story from Biodiesel Magazine says Denny Mauser, with biodiesel producer Western Iowa Energy, has become president of the IRFA, and Nile Ramsbottom, with biodiesel producer REG Inc., was appointed vice president:

[IRFA Executive Director Monte] Shaw said this is the first time the IRFA will be led by a board member representing a biodiesel producer. “This does not represent a change in focus for IRFA,” he said. “Rather, it simply highlights how Iowa’s biofuels producers are working together during this difficult time to return the state’s renewable energy ag economy to the positive driving force it’s been for rural Iowa in the past.”

Other IRFA leadership positions include Quad County Corn Processors’ Mike Jerke, as IRFA secretary; Walter Wendland of ethanol producer Golden Grain Energy, treasurer; and IRFA Executive Committee Officers Bruce Rastetter of Hawkeye Renewables and Central Iowa Energy’s Jeremie Parr.