Green Jobs Fuel US Employment Future

John Davis

Nothing like high fuels prices this past summer to really jumpstart the domestic job market in the U.S… at least in the alternative energy sector.

This article from the offers a pretty interesting look at how biofuels, wind and solar are growing jobs in this country that seem to be safe from being outsourced somewhere overseas:

Maritza Schäfer is the Communications Director for the green jobs advocacy organization Green for All ( and points out that the excitement of a new green economy is that the majority of green jobs are local jobs.

“Much of the work we have to do to green our economy involves transforming the places that we live and work and the way we get around,” Schäfer says. “These jobs are difficult or impossible to offshore. For instance, you can’t pick up a house, send it to China to have solar panels installed, and have it shipped back. In addition, one of the major sources of manufacturing jobs — a sector that has been extensively off-shored — are components parts for wind towers and turbines. Because of their size and related high transportation costs, they are most cost-effectively produced as near as possible to wind-farm sites. Cities and communities should begin thinking now about ways their green strategies can also create local jobs.”

“Solar is the main industry that will propel green jobs in America, and wind is probably second,” [President of Borrego Solar Systems Mike Hall] says. “Solar traditionally provides more jobs per watt of energy than any other form of energy currently available. The industry requires a greater number of staff in all areas, from general construction and installation, to advertising to business development and more. Because the industry is growing at a tremendous rate, the demand for labor across all professions is increasing exponentially.”

The article is a pretty good read for anyone who might be looking for a job… or could be looking for a career change. Check it out!

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