Biodiesel Board Educating About Green Heat

John Davis

Winter weather is upon us, and furnaces across the country have been kicking in. Now, that cozy heat on those frosty days can come to you in a green style: biodiesel.

With that in mind, the National Biodiesel Board has launched, a new Web site designed to educate customers and dealers on the beneficial properties of Bioheat® fuel… an environmentally friendly home heating oil blended with pure biodiesel:

Bioheat oil meets the increasing demand for cleaner and greener home heat. was created with two goals in mind – to educate home heating oil customers and dealers on the benefits of Bioheat fuel, and to provide top-notch marketing tools for local heating oil dealers. With a simple, video-based approach, features personable hosts who walk consumers through the basics of biodiesel and Bioheat fuel while explaining the benefits for our country, our environment, and our homes.

For heating oil dealers, the site provides technical resources and clear, concise information about blending and selling Bioheat heating oil. The site also encourages heating oil dealers to register online to become Bioheat dealers. Once registered, dealers are given access to professionally produced advertising and marketing materials, customizable for their market, with the help of the Shaw Company, the campaign’s creator and authorized facilitator. In addition to marketing materials, dealers have access to the Bioheat hotline at 877-B5-1-LINE, where they can discuss technical and market issues with the industry professionals at Advanced Fuel Solutions led by Paul Nazzaro, Sr.

There are more than 100 Bioheat fuel dealers nationwide, and that number is growing.