Ethanol Fuels Big Three Bail Out Caravan

Cindy Zimmerman

The Big Three auto makers traveled to Washington this week to ask for a bailout in fuel efficient, high mileage cars, including flex fuel vehicles that run on up to 85 percent ethanol.

car makersGeneral Motors’ Rick Wagoner (left) made the trip in a black hybrid Chevrolet Malibu, accompanied by a flex fuel Buick Lucerne, which runs on fuel that is 85 percent ethanol, and the high mileage Chevy Cobalt XFE. “Part of this is being done to showcase fuel-efficient and environment-friendly vehicles,” said GM spokesman Tom Wilkinson.

Ford HybridFord’s Chief Executive Alan Mulally (center) traveled to the nation’s capital in a Ford Escape hybrid, which also runs on up to 85 percent ethanol. No word in the news reports what Robert Nardelli, chairman and chief executive of Chrysler, was driving.

The main reason for the car makers driving to the capitol this week was because of the flack they caught a few weeks ago for flying in on corporate jets with hat in hand to ask for billions in a federal bailout.

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