Biofuels to Provide Houston Green Power

John Davis

A Texas-based renewable energy company is taking over an abandoned electrical plant with plans to run the generators on green energy sources.

This press release posted on says Biofuels Power Corporation will purchase the site, infrastructure and equipment of the decommissioned H.O. Clarke Electric Generating Station in central Houston:

The operational infrastructure on the H.O. Clarke site includes 65,000 barrels of above ground storage tanks and a high-pressure natural gas pipeline that is connected to the distribution system. The H.O. Clarke property is adjacent to a 500 MW switchyard operated by Centerpoint and has ready access to the ERCOT grid through a 12 kV transmission line.

“Our long-term goal is to redevelop the H.O. Clarke site as a clean energy industrial park that will use biofuels, biomass, natural gas, biogas and solar energy to provide green electricity and combined heat, power and refrigeration services for industrial and commercial tenants that need ready access to central Houston, the Houston Ship Channel and the Interstate Highway system,” said Fred O’Connor, President and CEO of Biofuels Power.

Biofuels Power already has two plants in the same area that run on 100 percent biodiesel that generate 15 megawatts of electricity that is sold to local companies. Officials hope the Houston Clean Energy Park will become a model for clean industrial redevelopment nationwide.

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