Nova: Testing Shows Our Readiness for RFS’ Biodiesel Portion

John Davis

Officials with Houston, Texas-based Nova Biosource Fuels, Inc., say that testing of their variety of biodiesel shows they will be ready when the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) for biodiesel usage is increased to 500 million gallons in 2009.

This company press release says Nova’s biodiesel has passed the Cold Soak Filtration Test for more than a year. Biodiesel under ASTM D6751-08 must pass the test as a qualitative evaluation meant to replicate performance of the biodiesel in cold climates:

“Nova’s patented process has always focused on producing high quality biodiesel,” said Kenneth Hern, Chairman and CEO of Nova. “The new ASTM Cold Soak Filtration Test is a hurdle for some companies, but Nova’s biodiesel meets this requirement regardless of feedstock input used in our proprietary process.”

The Company continues to operate efficiently and conserve working capital while maintaining sustained rates of approximately 50 percent to 60 percent nameplate capacity at the Seneca refinery. During the month of October, three million gallons of biodiesel were produced at Seneca, bringing the cumulative total to over 14 million gallons produced to date.

Nova says it will be well-positioned to help supply the biodiesel needed for the increased standard.