E-Station to Open in Florida

The first green “E-station” is slated to open in Destiny, Florida soon. The 6,000 square-foot will offer a wide array of traditional and non-traditional fuels for the motoring public. E85 and biodiesel are planned to be included.

“Destiny’s E-Station will introduce solar, renewable energy and new sustainable practices into the lives of residents of Osceola County while also educating consumers on how clean technology and carbon reduction can be implemented,” said Randy Johnson, chief operating officer for Destiny. “The E-Station will be a proving ground for technologies and practices of the future and is a testament to our commitment to create a truly eco-sustainable community in the state.”

Mid-State Energy Inc. of Lake Wales, Florida, had purchased the former site known as Key Stop, and had planned on merely updating the facility. They were approached by Destiny with the E-Station idea.

“We are thrilled to be at the forefront of the creation of one of the country’s first E-stations and are excited to work with Destiny to turn their vision into reality,” said Ken Allen Jr., president of Mid-State Energy. “We believe the E-Station offers a remarkable opportunity to be part of the transition of change from fossil to alternative fuels and a platform for educating the public on new green technologies, and the latest in energy efficient systems which is long overdue in our traditional industry.”

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