FFVs Developing Fast Globally

According to the China Economic Net, the global vehicle manufacturers are committed to increasing the economical efficiency of the existing fuel and developing the alternative energy. They are practicing the new energy system strategy further. Against this background, more and more new energy vehicles with commercial outlook have gone beyond the laboratory stage and are stepping into the commercialization rapidly. The flexible fuel vehicles are one of the products which are developing fast.

At present, in the markets of America, Canada, Europe and Brazil, the GM’s vehicles which can use different fuels flexibly have reached 3.5 million, among which 2.5 million vehicles can use E85 fuel (namely the gasoline fuel with 85% ethanol). In addition, in Brazil, over 90% vehicles sold by GM can use the fuel with 100% ethanol and such types of vehicles have reached 1 million. Presently, GM has produced over 1 million flexible vehicles in its global facilities.

At the “China International Conference on bio-fuels” on the 20th of October, GM revealed that they would explore the commercial feasibility of non-grain ethanol. That means GM is seeking the feasibility of developing the Chinese market for such flexible fuel vehicles and preparing for that now. Mr Chen Shi, Vice President of GM in Chinese branch said that among a variety of ways, the bio-fuel was the most feasible approach for new energy vehicles.

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