Expert: Militaries Need to Look to Biodiesel, Ethanol & Hydrogen

John Davis

Militaries and defense industries the world over must look to using alternative fuels, such as biodiesel and ethanol… that according to an oil advisory group expert.

In this article in Jane’s Defence Weekly, the world’s leading military publication, quotes Julius Pretterebner, director of Cambridge Energy Research Associates’ (CERA’s) Global Oil advisory group:

Pretterebner added that industries need to look beyond current alternative hydrocarbon fuels – including ethanol and biodiesel and fuels that are produced from the Fischer-Tropsch process – in order to find a solution that works effectively.

“The military and the defence industries have three options: burn less fuel with higher-efficiency engines; burn different fuels that can be used as an alternative energy carrier; or improve military logistics, which will be done anyway,” said Pretterebner.

“But I have doubts whether militaries and the defence industries are doing enough to evaluate the potential fuels and different synthetics,” he said. “Not every fuel must be a hydrocarbon fuel. We should expect that fuels other than oil will provide the transport energy of the future.”

One example Pretterebner points to is hydrogen poly silicon… a promising fuel alternative that can be produced from sand, sun and water, and making it free of carbon dioxide.

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