Algae-Biodiesel Featured at Cal Summit

John Davis

Algae-biodiesel production company Solazyme, Inc. will be featuring its SoladieselRD(TM), the world’s first algal-based renewable diesel, at a summit this week in California.

This company press release posted on says SoladieselRD(TM) will be showcased at the Governor’s Global Climate Summit in Beverly Hills, CA, Nov. 18th-19th:

“We are glad to be a part of Governor Schwarzenegger’s Global Climate Summit and applaud him for bringing together U.S. and international leaders to address this critical issue. Moving towards the Copenhagen meeting in December, these opportunities to discuss all solutions to the global climate crisis have become vitally important,” said Harrison Dillon, co-founder, president and CTO of Solazyme. “In this search for solutions, Solazyme has taken a 150 million year process of making oil and condensed it to a matter of days to renewably produce oil that can be converted into fuels that not only address these challenges, but have already been proven to be fully-scalable on a commercial level.”

Solazyme’s unique process grows algae in the dark in large industrial fermentation tanks, where the algae are fed a variety of non-food and waste biomass materials including glycerol and cellulosic biomass. This allows the company to produce oil with a very low carbon footprint efficiently in a controlled environment. Solazyme’s fuels have already been road tested in unmodified vehicles for thousands of miles. Solazyme also recently announced that it has produced the world’s first algal based jet fuel which met all eleven of the tested key criteria for (ASTM) D1655 (Jet A-1). Additionally, Solazyme’s process is the very first bridge from non–food carbohydrates and certain industrial waste streams to edible oils and oleochemicals.

The folks at Solazyme would love to talk to people, one-on-one during the summit. Contact Beth Starkin at 212-931-6108 or

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