Mr. Ethanol Looks To Future

Chuck Zimmerman

Jeff BroinMr. Ethanol, Jeff Broin, CEO, POET is looking to the future and a new organization that will help open new markets for the renewable fuel.

I spoke to Jeff at last week’s Project LIBERTY field day and asked him what he thinks about the results of our Presidential election. He says, “President-Elect Obama, is going to be I think very, very strong for ethanol.” In fact, Jeff says that POET had one of Obama’s top advisors on energy at their grand opening in Ohio just a couple weeks ago and she stated that he would like to see the RFS increase to 60 billion gallons which Jeff says, “is a great thing for farmers, it’s a great thing for agriculture, it’s a great thing for ethanol.”

An issue that Jeff says presents a challenge to the ethanol industry is the regulatory cap which limits ethanol to 10 percent of the fuel supply – and the industry is bumping up on it now. He says they need access to more markets. For that reason a new ethanol organization is being formed. “We actually are just in the process of working with many other ethanol producers and several ag companies to create a new organization that’s going to drive that agenda forward.” He says we’ll hear more about it shortly.

You can listen to my interview with Jeff here: [audio:]

You can also download the interview with this link (mp3).

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