E85 is Introduced to the Public in Buffalo, NY

A grand opening event was held today to celebrate the introduction of the first E85 fueling facility in the Buffalo, NY area. The pump is located in North Tonawanda, at a Wilson Farms store at 1060 Niagara Falls Blvd., near Ruie Road. According to the Buffalo News, this new site is a result of a joint effort by the convenience store chain and Reid Petroleum.

“We will have E85 in additional locations as customer demand grows for this product,” said Richard Hall, senior fuel manager for Wilson Farms.

Scott Sterry, Reid’s fuels marketing manager, stated that this specific location installed E85 because of the surplus of flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs) in the area. There are presently just over 900 FFVs in North Tonawanda and about 8,450 FFVs in Buffalo, NY.

Currently, there are 30 E85 stations throughout the state of New York.

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