Biomass Ethanol Website Launched

Cindy Zimmerman

A web site dedicated to the exchange of information on switchgrass and other biomass energy crops has been launched at

Biomass Connections“The focus of the site is to allow producers and stakeholders to openly share ideas and experiences gleaned from raising and marketing switchgrass and other biomass energy crops,” says site host and switchgrass farmer Andy Bater.

“Our intention with Biomass Connections is to provide a nationwide agricultural forum where producers can share their experiences raising switchgrass or other biomass, good or otherwise. We want our visitors to tell other growers on the bulletin board about the perennial grasses like switchgrass or miscanthus that they are already growing, or of their interest in harvesting woody biomass from poplar or willows to use for renewable energy. We would also love to hear from farmers raising more traditional crops like corn, since corn stover and corn cob waste are already playing a key transitional role in the development of second generation ethanol.”

Bater, who left a 25-year career in electronic media to return to the farm, says the site will initially be advertiser free and he will serve as moderator to postings that are made.

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