Symposium to Look at Biodiesel Feedstocks

John Davis

A symposium for biodiesel feedstocks is slated for November 21st in St. Louis, Mo. The Center for Evergreen Energy at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center will host the event, designed to address some of the current challenges in biofuel feedstock research and production:

Biodiesel producers, marketers and feedstock producers will hear from presenters including Monsanto, NASA, Enterprise-Rent-a-Car Institute and the National Biodiesel Board as well as scientists from the Center for Evergreen Energy and Danforth. Participants will address feedstock production, oil content, and innovation. For the purpose of the symposium, feedstock is separated into three categories: algae; near-term feedstock; and long-term feedstock. At the end of the day, each group will provide policy recommendations that will help fulfill future biodiesel goals.

“Increased availability of diversified feedstocks used in biodiesel is vital to the future growth of the biodiesel industry,” said J. Alan Weber, feedstock consultant to NBB. “This symposium grew out of a need to explore alternatives and educate the biodiesel industry on the short and long-term future of feedstocks.”

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