Improved Filter for Biodiesel Hits Market

John Davis

An eco-friendly filter could help purify biodiesel, no matter what is used as a feedstock.

This story from Biodiesel Magazine says Schroeder Biofuels out of Pennsylvania has introduced the Eco2Pure, a filter made of cellulose and is considered natural and sustainable:

“It has the powerful dry washing capability of a magnesol, but has the applicability of a column-based treatment,” said Jonathan Dugan, Schroeder biofuels product specialist.

“We’ve also built a system which we’ve applied to the Eco2Pure product – an industry proven technology, which allows for a producer to be able to tell hundreds of gallons before the Eco2Pure system is exhausted that it is going to be exhausted shortly, instead of producing lots of bad fuel and finding out afterwards,” Dugan said. “We think it is important if you want to produce spec fuel.” The system indicates expiration through pressure indication, flow measurement and particle counts.

The Eco2Pure system works by passing unwashed biodiesel through a fixed bed of purification media, cleaning the fuel and removing residues, fuel contaminants and soaps. “Each kilogram of the system is capable of purifying between 93 to 185 gallons of biodiesel, keeping the frequency of media replacement to a minimum,” Dugan said.

Schroeder Biofuels officials say the new filter will bring down biodiesel purification costs about two cents a gallon, capable of cleaning batches of biodiesel from homebrew to million-gallon operations.