Ethanol Powered Super Car

Cindy Zimmerman

A British company has developed a hot new sports car that can run on ethanol.

The description for the new Climax on its website is pure poetry:

climaxInspiration for the design came from the legendary Cooper Climax F1 car of the 50’s and is drawing on Britain’s vast Motor Sport Heritage while keeping a firm eye to the future. It is not a retro car, it is a modern Super Car designed with the discerning enthusiast in mind. It is revolutionary and has been designed to set a new standard in the niche vehicle sports car market. The Climax is bespoke and exclusive, quintessentially British, hand-finished, with excellent performance and superb handling.

The Climax can run on “both bio-ethanol and unleaded petrol, therefore enhancing performance and reducing the cars carbon footprint.”

One drawback – besides the $135,000 price tag – despite all the extras, the car has no roof – just a removable cover for parking outside. Like you would park a car like this outside!

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