Blue Signs Help Motorists Go Green in Tennessee

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) is now using blue logo signs to inform motorists about the availability of E85 and/or biodiesel along interstate highways.

“The BIOFUEL logo program complements and supports Governor Bredesen’s Biofuel Green Island Corridor project, which provides competitive grants to help retail station owners convert or install storage tanks and dispensers to sell E85 and/or B20 to the public,” noted Ed Cole of TDOT.

“We encourage more eligible stations to advertise their E85 and B20 pumps on interstate signs,” said Alan Jones, Manager of TDOT’s Environmental Policy Office.

For participating stations, TDOT will install a highly visible BIOFUEL marker above mainline Gas logo boards and off-ramp signs at the interchange. To qualify, sites must meet location requirements of the logo sign program.

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