Two E85 Groundbreakings in Sacramento

According to out of Sacramento, California, two E85 fueling locations broke ground in the Sacramento area. The stations are owned by Pearson Fuels who own additional alternative fuel stations across the state.

“I’ve built ethanol pumps in San Diego and in a few other cities in California,” said Mike Lewis of Pearson Fuels. “But as it stands right now, the pump we constructed in Concord is the closest to Sacramento and we need to made them more readily available here.”

Pearson Fuels plans to build two E85 pumps in the Sacramento region. The first is planned for the existing Union 76 station in Carmichael at 5103 Fair Oaks Boulevard. The second will be located at the DB&S Shell station in Sacramento, 5551 Martin Luther King Boulevard. Lewis hopes to have both pumps installed by January 2009. “Remember when gas prices were almost $5 a gallon and people were asking what can I do about it besides drive less?” said Lewis. “Now, here’s your answer: buy a tank of ethanol, so we don’t have to depend so much on oil.”

There are now eleven E85 fueling stations in the state of California.

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