GM Studies Cellulosic Ethanol in China

Cindy Zimmerman

General MotorsGeneral Motors and partner Coskata are working together to develop and commercialize second generation ethanol in China.

David S. Chen, vice president of GM China Group, said, “According to the China Automotive Energy Research Center, GM has already begun successfully validating the automotive energy resource potential for sustainable biofuels in China.” Chen said China can produce cellulosic ethanol on marginal lands from wood waste, energy crops such as switchgrass and even garbage, and China is in a good position to benefit from the development of such sustainable biofuels.

Currently, China is the world’s third-largest ethanol producer, behind the U.S. and Brazil, with annual production of around 1 billion gallons. GM is leading the R&D and commercialization of sustainable biofuels worldwide, having produced more than 5 million flex-fuel cars and trucks that run on combinations of ethanol and gasoline. In the United States, GM is committed to making half its annual vehicle production flex-fuel capable by 2012.

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