Transition to a Bioeconomy: Day Two

John Davis

Back at it this morning at the Farm Foundation’s Transition to a Bioeconomy: Environmental and Rural Development Impacts Conference in St. Louis, Mo. Today is another big day, as we’re hearing from another variety of speakers who bring a lot of different viewpoints to the table.

Later this morning, we’ll hear from the financial side of the issues facing Rural America as it not only faces this changing bioeconomy but the recent market turmoils as well. I’m really looking forward to that talk, and I’ll bring you some highlights as they come.

In addition, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Ed Schafer will talk to the group, and we’ll let you know what he has to say.

It’s this free-form back-and-forth conversation that the various stakeholders bring to this meeting that makes Farm Foundation’s format so successful. There will be
two more meetings scheduled for this coming winter and spring (2009) focusing on the global aspects of the bioeconomy and how to get extension offices throughout the nation more involved.

Of course, none of this happens without the work of many good Farm Foundation folks, including this lady, Communications Director Mary Thompson. She has been a truly valuable asset for yours truly, making sure I’ve had a place and the resources to bring you these updates. Many thanks again, Mary!

As I said, I’ll have more updates to come. Stay tuned!

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