Credit Crisis Hot Topic at Farm Foundation Conference

John Davis

The recent credit crisis in the country was certainly a hot topic of conversation at today’s Farm Foundation Transition to a Bioeconomy: Environmental and Rural Development Impacts Conference here in St. Louis, Mo.

Cole Gustafson, a biofuels economist with North Dakota State University, says the current credit issues is going to make financing any venture a challenge, but he says the existing ethanol and biodiesel plants are in pretty good shape as far as financing goes.

He says any new ventures will have to make sure they have solid financial fundamentals before they’ll be approved for any loan.

“Wall Street is nervous in general,” he says. And any one interested in getting financing for a new biofuels project will have to make sure they have their financial basics in good order and might need to diversify.

Listen to my conversation with Gustafson here: [audio:]

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