Growing Jobs in a Growing Bioeconomy

John Davis

How we develop rural jobs as the country moves to a bioeconomy was the latest subject tackled today at the Farm Foundation’s Transition to a Bioeconomy: Environmental and Rural Impacts Conference in St. Louis.

One of the key speakers during this session was USDA’s Under Secretary for Rural Development Thomas Dorr, who talked about how we need to move forward and be aggressive… even in light of the recent stock market turbulence.

“I don’t think there’s any question that we have to move forward,” says Dorr. He says with the U.S. importing $700 billion in foreign oil… many times from those who would wish us harm… it has become an energy security and national security issue. “Why would we want to subject our kids and grandkids to that sort of dependency?”

Dorr admits that it might be easier said than done, “but there are an extraordinary numbers of hard working people who keep their shoulder to the wheel all the time to make these things work. That’s the American way.”

No matter if Republican John McCain or Democrat Barack Obama wins the election in less than three weeks, there will be a new administration in Washington, DC. Dorr expects plenty of policy debates, much like the debate we’re hearing at today’s conference, as the new administration moves forward. He believes that biofuels will be a major point for whomever is the next one to sit in the Oval Office.

Listen to more of my conversation with Dorr here: [audio:]

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