HEC to Build Hydrogen V8

John Davis

Algona, Iowa-based Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc. has teamed up with Eliminator Performance Products with the intention to build the largest spark-ignited hydrogen V8 engine ever.

This press release from HEC says it’s designed for large hydrogen-fueled electrical power generation systems and for buses:

Ted Hollinger, HEC Founder, says “This 572 cubic inch engine will give us a much needed power source. Hydrogen is very light and it takes a lot of displacement for every kW of power produced. Compacted Graphite Iron will increase the strength and life of the engine by more than five times and thus give very long engine life which is essential for engines running 24/7. This is our first Distributed Generation engine. After years of work I believe that HEC has an engine that can achieve the efficiency and durability that the industry has long been looking for. We are also proud to build this engine in the United States.”

Michael Bowery states “Eliminator Performance Products, Inc. is proud to manufacture the new 9.3L Oxx Power® block and cylinder heads designed for a wide variety of industrial applications. Eliminator will provide Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc. with 100% American made blocks and heads, which includes both castings and machining.”

The release goes on to say that the new Oxx Power® blocks and heads are made of Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI), based on a recipe used in current NASCAR blocks.