VP Candidates Spar Over Domestic Energy

John Davis

Here at Davis Debate Central once again tonight… OK, so it’s just my couch as I blog with my laptop on my lap and watch the Vice Presidential debate… as Democrat Sen. Joe Biden and Republican Gov. Sarah Palin duke it out.

Renewable energy has gotten a little bit of attention, in the form of Palin and Biden sparring over American energy policy. Palin jabbed with a charge that Biden and Sen. Barack Obama voted to give the big oil companies a tax break, while you and I pay at the pump. Biden countered that the vote she mentioned was also one that had a brad range of alternative energy incentives, designed to wean this country from the influence of foreign petroleum oil.

And just a minute ago, Biden hit again on the renewable energy theme by pointing out that Sen. John McCain has voted 20 times against alternative energy sources.

Palin points out that we need an all-encompassing energy that includes drilling for more petroleum, as well as developing alternative sources.

They’re moving on to other subjects so I’ll get this posted now. Stay tuned. I’ll post more as they say more about renewable energy sources.

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