National Alternative Fuel Odyssey Day in Bismarck, ND

The Cenex E85 fueling location at 1160 W. Divide Avenue in Bismarck, North Dakota will be celebrating National Alternative Fuel Odyssey Day on October 2. The station will offer E85 for 85 cents a gallon from 4 – 7 p.m. The National Alternative Fuel Odyssey Day is an event that will be celebrated across the country recognizing cleaner-burning alternatives to traditional fuels.

“What I like about this national event is that it is not an attack on the petroleum industry, which is very important to our state and our nation, but rather a celebration of some of the new clean air choice options available to drivers today,” said Valerie Kummer, coordinator of the Red River Valley Clean Cities Coalition. “Even oil company executives are now saying America needs more fuel diversity, and North Dakota-made biofuels can help us offer more choices at the pump that help to reduce air pollution.”

This event is being sponsored by Cenex, Blue Flint Ethanol, General Motors Corporation, North Dakota Corn Growers Association, North Dakota Department of Commerce, North Dakota Ethanol Producers Association, National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition, US Department of Energy-Clean Cities and the American Lung Association of North Dakota.

There are currently about 29,000 flexible fuel vehicles and 27 E85 stations in the state of North Dakota.

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